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100% E-Learning Online FAQs for JHS

What is Edmentum?   Online curriculum designed around state standards to be stand-alone courses.  Courses are self-paced but have benchmarks established to help students stay on pace.  It was previously known as Plato.

Will I be able to take AP or Honors classes on Edmentum? There are a limited number of courses are available: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Lit & Comp, AP Calculus, & AP US History.  There are no honors classes offered on Edmentum.

How many courses will students be required to enroll in Edmentum? Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit bearing courses.

How much time can I expect to spend online working on coursework via Edmentum? Students should plan to work one hour per each course daily, in accordance with the LSC school day calendar.  Per the IDOE, high school students are expected to participate in instruction a minimum of 6 hours per day to be considered a full-time student.

If I choose the online option, can I change my mind to the In-Person option? Students/parents have an opportunity to switch options one time within the first 10 school days.  After that time, students are committed to the selected option until the end of the first 9 weeks or for the rest of the semester.

Will JHS teachers be teaching the Edmentum classes? No, courses will be self-paced with targeted benchmarks.  JHS teachers may monitor student progress but will not be providing direct instruction.

What happens if JHS is required to move to e-learning?  Students already receiving instruction via the 100% online option will continue coursework in Edmentum.  Students are permitted to change options within the first 10 days of the semester, at the end of the first 9 weeks, or at semester.   Students who begin the semester on Edmentum are encouraged to complete the semester on Edmentum to avoid gaps in curriculum and credit attainment. 

If I choose the 100% e-learning option, am I allowed to participate in sports or other afterschool clubs? Yes, full-time e-learning students are permitted to participate in sports/clubs on campus after school hours.

How can I remain eligible for IHSAA sanctioned sports if I choose the 100% e-learning option?  To remain eligible, students must have a minimum of 5 passing grades and met the pre-determined benchmarks in Edmentum at the end of each grading period.

I am a senior.  What if courses required for my Academic Honors diploma for graduation are not offered via Edmentum?  Speak with your JHS counselor to determine what options may be available for you. 

How will I receive training on how to use Edmentum?  Zoom meetings will be held with students initially to demonstrate how the program works, set expectations and answer questions.

Do I still contact the school if I have technology issues?  Students should email as usual.  If they are not able to answer the question, they will find the person who can assist with the issue.

If I complete a class early, can I add another? Yes.  Students will work directly with their JHS counselor to determine appropriate additional courses in Edmentum

If I switch from Edmentum to in–person at the end of the 9 weeks, do my grades from Edmentum just carry over? No.  JHS teachers may require students to complete assignments from the first 9 weeks as deemed necessary to cover curriculum standards.   Students who begin the semester on Edmentum are encouraged to complete the semester on Edmentum to avoid gaps in curriculum and credit attainment.